Diving in the Philippines

 Diving offers PADI Diving to Negros Oriental Marine Sanctuaries.

Experience the fun of a PADI diving adventure underwater with our professional dive team and see the beauty of the underwater scenery. Scuba diving in the Philippines with Aqua-Landia Resort offers boat diving, beach diving, dive trips to various marine sanctuaries on Negros Island from Apo island to southern Negros Oriental,where the underwater scenery will astound you. You will wish you had brought extra camera for all the underwater pictures you will want to take.Choose a  Philippine Beach Resort that has our  professional dive team located on site. Aqua-Landia Resort also offers PADI diving instruction for beginners. No Dive vacation to the Philippines would be complete without some diving.

Scuba diving in the Philippines is undoubtedly one of the most exciting diving locations in the world. With Aqua-Landia Dive team you can experience  a number of truly magnificent dive sites for you to choose from. Dive trips to nearby marine sanctuaries of Apo Island and Dauin Reef, located off Dauin, Negros Island are our highly popular specialty with spectacular underwater scenery. Divers from all over the world come to see our undersea wonders whether beach diving or dive trips to one of the many marine sanctuaries on Negros Island. We offer multi dive packages or single shore dives.

The Best Dive Centers that Philippines Has To Offer is on Negros Oriental.

The most scenic, and exciting diving sites can be found here, in the Philippine Islands.  Spectacular underwater pictures can be collected on any one of our 32 dive sites. These  dive sites are extremely popular for those that love underwater pictures, both amateur and professionals , and the volcanic past of the island created one of the world’s best dive destinations.  Professional dive team, PADI diving instructional classes, fantastic underwater scenery makes Negros Oriental a diving Paradise.  Aqua-Landia dive team is the best way to experience Negros oriental diving.

View Fantastic Underwater Scenery of the Philippine Islands

Choose your accommodations at one of the Philippine resorts that we represent.  Philippine Dive Resorts enjoys a very pleasant climate all year round making it a great dive destination. The average annual temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The surface of the water actually enjoys a higher average annual temperature ranging from 27 degrees to 31 degrees Celsius, 80 degrees to 87 degrees Fahrenheit. The water at our Philippine dive resort is remarkably crystal clear as well. Visibility can vary at the marine sanctuaries and with the beach diving, but it generally ranges between 10 feet and 40 feet, 3 meters to 12 meters, excellent for the PADI diving classes at any of our Philippine Beach resorts and photographing the beautiful underwater scenery and an ideal dive destination.

It is certainly possible to dive the marine sanctuaries and beach diving all year round on Negros Island, though the months from December through to February are the coldest. But that is in relative terms; cold is hardly the right word to use. The warmest time tends to be from March and May, making all dive trips comfortable.

The dive sites at the marine sanctuaries and off the beach diving generally range between 16 to 98 feet, 5 to 30 meters deep. You can see some 400 species of coral and some 700 species of fish, making the underwater pictures fantastic. If you are seeking the experience of a lifetime,we  offer scuba diving in the Philippines at its best. Our PADI diving classes are conducted by professional certified PADI Diving instructors.

Philippine Islands Dive Resorts

Negros oriental is a popular diving destination for the marine sanctuaries and a jumping off point for  Apo Island.  Our staff highly recommends Aqua-Landia resort for your accomadations.

The dive team at Aqua-Landia Resort  has your tanks are full, and the dive boat is standing by for tomorrows diving trips. Mark your 2015 Dive vacation with a trip to fantastic Philippine dive destinations. Experience diving in the Philippines today and don’t forget the underwater pictures.

French Divers experiencing the adventure of Apo island .

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