Diving with Turtles

Diving with Pawikans

Pawikans, or Turtles to  English speaking divers who visit the Philippines, are what brings a lot of divers to Apo Island, Negros Oriental, Philippines.  Located 30 minutes south of Dumaguete, Philippines.  Apo island while know as a foremost  fish sanctuary is also home to dozens of  Pawikans. Apo is what makes diving in the Philippines a fantastic adventure. Sea Turtles aging over 100 years and weighing in at over 200 kilos. The Pawikans while graceful swimmers, tho stumbles along  on land. The common Green Sea turtle is joined by the colorful Hawks bill turtle and the Leather back. Sea turtles are different from land turtles for their inability to retract their heads into their shells.  And thus seem to act in a friendlier manner.

Snorkelers as well as divers are almost guaranteed a swim with the many  Apo Island turtles. While most trips provide swimming opportunities, it is worth mentioning that they are, VERY FAST. Reaching speeds in excess of 30 kilometers an hour. The Pawikans leave most swimmers in their wake.

However, a memorable experience awaits the Apo Island visitor who finds a leisurely Pawikan among the corals. The Pawikans act like your friendly neighbors house pet.  Curious of this strange new visitor to his world, slightly cautious,  yet eager to show off his home. Slowly swimming among the barracudas and schools of  red tails. He will be your  guide for your island tour..

The island consists of well protected coral reef that surrounds a volcanic island. Its dive sites are home to many kinds of aqua life including large jacks, fields of grass eels, clownfish, lots of colorful coral, and many more tropical fish.

Average annual temperature: 26°C (78° F).
Average Water surface temperature: From 27°C to 31°C (80° F to 87 °F).
Visibility often averaging: Visibility is between 10 and 40 feet (3 to 12 meters).
Coldest Month: December to February
Warmest Month: March to May
Possible to dive: All year round.
Closest Airport:  Dumaguete DGT

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